The Best Assistant For Cryptocurrency Investment
CoolWin is a platform dedicated to create powerful application tools for crypto investors, providing more efficient, intelligent and professional trading tools for the average crypto investor; we hope to continuously innovate by integrating the advantages of cryptocurrencies and the traditional financial industry, bringing users the most secure, efficient, fair and transparent trading experience in the industry through our superior platform capabilities and professional design concepts; In the future, we will open up more rewarding blockchain investment products and tools to bring more convenience and lucrative returns to our platform users on their crypto investment journey.
COWI Token

COWI is a utility token issued on the BNB Smart Chain and is used to acquire the membership of the CoolWin platform in order to enjoy the best discounted fees while using the platform's tools, as well as to purchase or pay for the insurance coverage of the platform's crypto financial services products, including the payment for consumption on other applications in CoolWin's ecosystem; COWI tokens also allow you to earn rewards easily and enjoy the benefits of the platform Dividend rights, DAO voting rights. Receive passive and active token rewards in high-yield staking and liquidity programs.

Crypto Investment Insurance

This product is designed to provide members with crypto investment protection as a special service product when using the CoolWin platform system, but it does not cover losses due to third party platform liability; for example, asset freezing on exchanges or loss of assets due to personal reasons of the investor. The purchase of the investment insurance requires the use of COWI tokens for payment or the equivalent value in USDT; the price varies from product to product; its greatest advantage is the protection against loss of principal at a minimal cost to the investor.

CoolWin Quantitative Robotics Benefits
Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automated trading reduces investment time and is not influenced by human emotions

Professional Investment

Professional investment strategy models, with scientific position management, to achieve profits automatically

Asset Security

Secure asset protection, with a fair and transparent trading environment, hosted on a third party platform; no need to worry about losing your assets.

Trading Transparency

Investment strategy for mainstream cryptocurrency and risk diversification

1.I don't have an exchange account,do I need one?
A: Yes, as CoolWin is not an exchange, but an intelligent trading robot tool, you will need to have an account with one of the supported exchanges to use the robot. At the moment we support the Binance exchange; we will be supporting more crypto exchanges in the future.
2. Is it safe to use the CoolWin platform tools for my funds?
A: The USDT used to invest and trade is stored in your Binance account, you only need to link it to the exchange API to authorize the trading permission of the trading robot, no other person access the funds in your account.
3. How much capital do I need to be able to use the robot to build a trading strategy?
A: The minimum capital required to create a trading strategy is a balance of 1000 USDT, as the robot's strategy algorithm is based on positions and fluctuations in cryptocurrency.
4. Is there an additional fee for using the trading robot?
A: No. The fees incurred during the trading process are charged by the third-party exchange; you can check the details of the transaction fees through your registered exchange account.
5、What are the charges for using CoolWin Quantitative Robot?
A: 1. To use the CoolWin Quantitative Trading Robot, you need to purchase an activation code to create a trading strategy. You can purchase it directly from the platform or from other registered members of the platform; the higher the membership level, the better the price of the activation code; the activation code is valid for one year. 2. The CoolWin Trading Robot will charge a service fee for a certain percentage of the profit. When the strategy profits reached 100U, you need to pay the corresponding percentage of the service fee to the platform; if the strategy is not profitable, no service fee will be incurred; the service fee charged by the platform is mainly used to reward the referrals; so the more users you refer, the more revenue you will generate.
Official Partners

Founding Team

CoolWin's founding team consists of senior executives in the traditional financial sector and blockchain technology developers with many years of experience, and the core members of the R&D team are all well-known technical experts from the world-wide web and financial sectors.